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Our Hatchery

A state-of-the-art, bio-secure facility, purpose built for the on-land cultivation of premium shellfish products

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Our Hatchery

A state-of-the-art, bio-secure facility, purpose built for the on-land cultivation of premium shellfish products

Our Hatchery

Where We Are

Located on the remote island of Lamb Holm, within the archipelago of Orkney, our hatchery is positioned on a site steeped in history and surrounded by deep shores and rolling green fields. Our location, due to its access to some of the UK’s highest quality waters and the clean, fresh air of the isolated Orkney Islands, provides the perfect environment for growing premium shellfish products.

Our distinctive, vibrant and healthy oyster spat is a direct result of being grown in this ideal environment, along with advanced hatchery practices and a deep understanding of customer requirements.

The Orkney Islands

The archipelago of Orkney offers some of the cleanest, most pristine waters in the UK, ideal for the successful development of our hatchery products.

The Hatchery

Utilising oceanic seawater from the Orkney Islands, our hatchery has been fitted with forefront technology in eco-friendly indoor recirculation aquaculture systems (RAS’). This leading technology is used from start to finish, from our seawater storage, to internal system designs, where the company's ozonation and filtration systems operate continuously, keeping the seawater clean and providing a healthy environment for our premium products.

Our System

By using a combination of innovative hatching and larval rearing technologies, we have become a facility renowned for the production of superior shellfish products. We utilise individual recirculating systems (RAS) - operating at low water usage and waste, within a bio-secure modulated facility with strict zonation between each species.

A specialised laboratory is onsite to facilitate a high degree of monitoring of water quality and health status. The combination of this bio-secure, multi-species hatchery and innovative technologies equates to sustainable and responsible shellfish production for both our own and our customer’s peace of mind.

By utilising proprietary products from our sister company, Ocean On Land Technology®, for the culturing of our premium products, we are able to maximise survival of our shellfish larvae and are extremely space efficient in design. Applying intuitive technology is one of the many ways we are assisting with the sustainability of this flagship species.


Research and Development

Our innovative team is continuously looking to improve our product line and ensure our hatchery systems and the shellfish products we produce are among the world's best.

As a modern-day hatchery committed to development, innovation has always played a vital role in our company, which is why substantial investment and resources are allocated every year to the development of new, speciality products and systems that will further optimise our existing product range.

As part of this innovation, we work closely alongside our sister company, Ocean On Land Technology, utilising its Aquahive® product for the development of our European clawed lobster operation. This is likewise echoed in our European flat oyster department, where broodstock, larvae and spat are all held in novel, customised, Ocean On Land Technology recirculating systems.

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